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The times are changing and getting links is becoming increasingly harder every single day. The Google webspam team is working hard to make its services protected from link buyers, spammers and other blackhat techniques. It’s certainly not easy to make a new website shine in front of an already establish site, but it’s certainly not impossible.

It used to be as easy as asking a friend to link back to you, and you could see a 70% increase in traffic the next week. It was less of a chore than it has become now. I remember having only a couple of links to each of my blog posts and they were ranking on the top results almost instantly.

Gone are the days when link building wasn’t a priority. But hey, what would it be like if everyone had to pay for SEO? Of course there are free techniques available to people that can be used to build a lot of organic backlinks, and it all comes down to how much time you are looking to invest in doing it.

The only thing I would like to advise you to do before we begin looking at our organic link building methods is to check out the vBSocial Monitoring plugin, it will protect your site from any unauthorized actions performed and notify you on either your email account or mobile phone. Security is important for any website, and you should take good care of your files and content. Hackers love to hack blogs and use that access to edit content and create false links, trust me.


Creating content (articles, blog posts) is still a good method of promoting a website. It all comes down to the reliability of the article publishing site you are using, big guys like EzineArticles have made a name for themselves over the years. Look for trusted sources to avoid getting links from the wrong places.


Create simple videos and link back to your website. It’s a great, free method that doesn’t require all that much time to perform. A single video every day would add up to 30 extra links, with a total of 360 links per year. That is something worth considering.


Posting on popular forums is a known and used by many strategy for building organic backlinks. A lot of the forums you start using might require a certain amount of posts to be created, before you can use a signature to promote your site.

Please leave us a comment if you know of any other link building methods that are organic and natural 🙂

Alex is a professional blogger who loves to write, blog and put things to the test. He maintains a technology blog at, there he is helping other members of the webmaster community to become better at what they do. He has been involved with the blogging communities for 7 years.

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