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10802006_10203805239466450_1862562153202646306_nFounder and CEO of vBSocial
Chief Technology Officer of ConceptArt.org
#1 vBulletin Developer Team on the web
Thousands of customers and tens of thousands of sites use our products
Our network of sites attracts millions of uniques per month

The names David Ahmad, aka Daveaite around the vBulletin communities
I’ve worked and consulted on small startup sites to mega sites owned by Lawyers, doctors, Fortune 5000 Companies. You name it. In the past, my work has increased companies websites profitability by over 15x and increased clients traffic  by at least 5x. Our consulting includes vBulletin 3, vBulletin 4, vBulletin 5, Wordpress, Marketing, web development, and social virality.

I believe that every site needs to become a social network of their category, in order to survive in the new digital age.

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