LinkedIn has become the one stop powerhouse for business professionals and new entrepreneurs alike. Boasting a massive 260+ million users it has earned its spot in the social network big league. Although having a LinkedIn account is free and easy, not everyone is able to survive on this ruthless network.

LinkedIn is not about how quickly you can build a set number of followers, it’s about making connections that can help you and your business. Joining groups and engaging people who share similar interests to yours, learning from the industry leaders like Richard Branson – on how to run a great business.

The best thing about LinkedIn is – it’s free. Although there is a premium package available for the enthusiasts, most of the features needed to promote and reach out to new people are completely free, that makes this social network a must have in their list for any business oriented person.

Business on LinkedIn: 5 Ways of Getting More Work

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Complete your Profile

The first thing you should do to have any chance at being taken seriously on LinkedIn is to complete your profile. It does take some time to do and requires a lot of information, but it’s definitely worth it if you want to show people that you are serious about what you do.

There are several tabs that are not required by default, but should be considered adding either way. Letting others know how many languages you know can be of benefit if you are looking to work with people from other countries.

Update Regularly

Don’t just make a profile and leave it floating. By now you have got some connections made with people you already know and you shouldn’t keep them waiting more. Post at least a couple of times a week with the newest articles you have got going, including articles you found interesting on other sites.

Sometimes promoting your competition can lead to new relationships.

Don’t Invite Everyone, Everywhere

It’s fairly easy to go the different route and spam-add people to your connections, but what real use is there going to be of having people in your connections that you don’t even know? Focus on adding people that you do know, and connect with people that relate to your business. That way you can start building new relationships.


Just like you are inviting people, people are inviting you as well. Be friendly and interact with the people in your circle of connections. Let them know you care about them and your brand, showing you have no problem spending time to say a quick hello. It won’t hurt.

Create a Business Page

Yes, LinkedIn does have business pages and they are pretty darn good too. Make one for your business and optimize it as much as possible so that it can drive targeted traffic from both LinkedIn search results and also search engines. Use the right keywords and promote the right articles for best results.

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