In the present day and age, staying connected with friends who are topographically in different corners of the world has become an easier process since social networking platforms have emerged as the leading platforms for communication. Gone is the era of hand-written telegrams which used to take days and even weeks to reach the recipient. Nowadays, those days have been shortened into a few seconds as people stay connected through emails and social networking platforms. This is what brings us to the uproar that social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest have generated across the world.

This new generation has seen an upheaval of technology like never before and new digital innovations can be seen at every step of life. Facebook records over billion registered users and if facts are to be believed, the website recorded 22,000 hits within two hours of its launch way back when Mark Zuckerberg brainstormed and developed the website at the prestigious Harvard University. Let us throw the leading social networking sites under the scanner and analyze the user activity trends that they record on annual or monthly basis.

The Brouhaha of Social Networking Platforms

User base of social networking sites

Facebook has the widest base of 901 Million registered users from all corners of the world, making it one of the most successful social networking sites. These figures primarily highlight the reason why Facebook is now a multi-billion dollar enterprise with Mark Zuckerberg sitting on the throne. Next up is Twitter which records a user base of 555 Million people who engage in micro-blogging, commonly called as Tweets, on a daily basis. Google+ bags the third position with 170 Million users all across the world, although it is not as popular as Facebook. Professional virtual platform, LinkedIn takes the fourth position with 150 Million users while Pinterest records a humble 11.7 Million user base. This clearly highlights how popular Facebook is among people, especially youngsters.

Monthly visits and time spent by user

If the monthly footfall on these social networking platforms is to be taken into account, then once again Facebook takes the pole position with a staggering 7012.9 Million unique users every month. This is almost 70 times more than Twitter which receives a monthly score of 182 Million unique users closely followed by Pinterest with 104.4 Million users per month. LinkedIn and Google+ record 85.7 Million and 61 Million users on a monthly basis. This clearly proves that people spend a lot of time on Facebook than any other social networking site, except Pinterest which records an average of 405 mins per month that is somewhat equivalent to that of Facebook. Twitter and LinkedIn follow close by with an average user time span of 89 mins and 21 mins. Google+ seems to lag behind as according to the statistics, an average Google+ user spends maximum 3 mins on the website and then logs off.

Male-Female Ratio

If female users are to be taken into account, then Pinterest records the highest number of female users with a total percentage of 68.2% females and 31.8% males. Facebook follows close with 57% of female users and 43% of male counterparts. Google+ records 45% females as its users and 55% males while most of the users in LinkedIn and Twitter are males.

Age Demographics

According to age demographics, youngsters aged within 18-25 constitute a high percentage of Facebook users while for the age category range of 26-34 are more frequent users of Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. If we consider users aged above 55, then Pinterest takes the lead with 11% of its users above the age of 55. People aged below 25 prefer Facebook over any other social networking site.

User-worth of social networking sites

Taking the popularity factor into account, Facebook records the highest user worth with $118 per user. Twitter comes second with $71.43 while LinkedIn follows close with a user worth of $71. The user worth of Pinterest stands at $28.09 which is relatively lower than that of the aforementioned social networking sites.

Thus, as a conclusion, Facebook records the highest number of footfalls per month and happens to be one of the most popular social networking sites in the present era boasting of a billion-strong user base.

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