I can’t say that back in the day security was less of an issue. I think a few years back it was more obvious and more open, the FBI didn’t arrest everyone who tried to inject a site with SQL or XSS, these days though..FBI loves to bust script kiddies (spending millions to do it), while completely letting real hackers slip by. I laugh when I see someone saying that FBI hackers are “elite”.

I wouldn’t say that the majority of WordPress websites is vulnerable, but that is not the point. We have to remember that WordPress at the moment is the most popular blogging platform in the world, and also one that is most sought after. Hackers use tools to create hundreds of requests to the WordPress lo-gin page, which eventually leads to your account getting brute-forced.

Got that covered? Doesn’t matter, you are still vulnerable. It might take longer for the hacker to accomplish the feat but he will get it done. This is where our very own WordPress security plugin comes in. vBSocial Monitoring has been developed with all of the above in mind. You will never need to worry about unauthorized changes being made on your server. Everything will be accounted for.

vBSocial Monitoring, What is It?

It’s a WordPress plugin that will protect your server, especially the WordPress installation, against any malicious attacks. The reporting is done real-time, so whenever there are changes done to files you will instantly be notified. Never again will you have to worry about being too late.

Easy to Configure

You don’t need any special skills in order to get this plugin working for you, the configuration is very easy and comes with a documentation. All you have to do is set how often you want the files to be checked and which file extensions to monitor. Simple.

The Best WordPress Security Plugin

Why the best? It’s because it will turn out to be a one of a kind investment that will have paid for itself in the long run. Like the vBSocial Monitoring page says, hackers love to hack into sites, and some hackers prefer to do it silently. You could end up having a hacker browse your site for years before you realize he is there.

No with our plugin though, you will instantly know when changes are being done and the best part is that you can also receive notifications to your phone if your Gmail account is connected to your phone. Awesome!

vBSocial is not like other companies who develop similar plugins, we strive to be unique in our own way, so please don’t compare our product with something less useful.

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