Having your own WordPress social network is of course nice, but it’s even better to take it step further and install a forum software on your WordPress blog to enhance the community experience even more. I cannot recommend it enough, as creating a forum does change the quality of any website.

It might take some time to develop the community, and make it become self sufficient, but our very own vBSocial CEO David will help you with that, with his excellent video course on Udemy: Learn How To Build A Successful Forum for Beginners

There are over a thousand people who have enrolled to this course, and I think that number speaks for itself. It’s the one-stop guide you are going to need to create a community that can grow and support itself at the same time.

There are plenty of forum frameworks and software out there that can help you get started, I’d like to introduce you to the three most popular ones – as decided by the WordPress community.

Simple Press

Simple Press is an amazing forum software I recommend you take a look at if you remember what the original phpBB2 looked like. SP is feature packed, making it one of the most comprehensive plugins out there to download if you are interested in creating a full-scale community on your website.

The amount of features this wonderful platform offers goes beyond the ability to list them all in this post. I would love if you could check out the official features page yourself, and see how amazing this forum software for WordPress really is.


bbPress has made the list for a reason – and not only because it’s an amazing forum integration for WordPress. We at vBSocial happen to develop bbPress plugins, because we love it so much! Make sure you have introduced yourself with our bbPress Social Network plugin – which is going to change the way people interact on your forum AND blog.

bbPress has made this list because of how simple yet efficient it is. The people behind this plugin are also the ones that have created WordPress itself, so you shouldn’t question whether to trust this forum software or not. It’s legit, and it’s awesome!

WP Forum Server

I can understand other peoples needs, so I have included WP Forum in the list because of how lightweight and straightforward it is. If you want to give your community some space to have a chat on, with no extra fancy stuff needed – this is the plugin you have to install. It’s easy enough to understand it, and even a beginner should be able to add stuff like social sharing buttons to it.

What are your favorite WordPress forum plugins? Any of the ones I have listed above?

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