We have introduced ourselves with the batch upload plugin for WordPress, now we can take a look at actual benefits of promoting and sharing image content on social media.

The social networking sites and the way marketing happens on them is always evolving. Three years ago, did you have it mind that one day there is going to a website like Vine where you can promote content is 5 seconds or less? Instagram also now offers video uploads that are 15 seconds long.

The peoples attention span is going down in big numbers. I remember back in the day, old-school hosting tutorials (cPanel, Linux setup, etc,.), they would take 3-4 hours to go trough and complete. Everything was detailed and there were only a few experts on those platforms. Now it almost feels like I need my own platform made to be an expert..

We have to follow the trend or we risk staying behind and losing money, this is where our vBSocial Scheduler comes in and helps us out though. We know what it does and what it doesn’t do, now we need to know the benefits of upload images to social media websites.

More Followers, Likes and Connections

Because our image plugin supports multiple networks its safe to assume that we are going to create not only followers but also likes and connections for our pages and profiles. We need to learn and master the use of perfect hashtags that people are always after and set the perfect interval for posting new images. This way we can guarantee ourselves a safe spot on our way to the top.

More Account Activity

People, and also search engines, love to see a lot of activity happening on a social media account. It helps people to remember the brand as it always is posting new content and appearing somewhere on the news feed.

Saving People’s Time

Images are a lot more efficient that text posts are, while text posts are still dominant, images seem to be receiving a lot more shares and likes these days, simply because people can pass on what they liked to their friends and nobody will be spending more than 10 minutes on reading something, instead a few seconds viewing.

Combine image uploading and sharing with text content and video promotions and you are guaranteed to become a hot place to be on anyone’s watch-list.

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