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You have come to a conclusion that it is time to become a better WordPress blogger. There isn’t any real difference between a WordPress blogger and a “standard” blogger. I am using the term purely because vBSocial offers lovely WordPress plugins like: WordPress social network and bbPress social network. These two plugins can also help you become a better blogger, giving you the tools needed to become more engaged with your readers.

Once we acknowledge the basics of blogging and maybe look up to some successful people, we can easily get ourselves on the path of greatness. The path of greatness means that we continue following a set of rules that makes us better bloggers. Different people have different opinions and advice to give, here you will find a list of 20 steps to take and consider for becoming a better WordPress blogger, almost instantly. Some of this advice you might already have heard before, so it’s only reassuring you that it is the right choice.

20 Tips for Becoming a Better WordPress Blogger

We are not going to dive in-depth about these tips, and it’s not really necessary anyway. Digest like you find appropriate.

  1. One (At least) Post Every Day
  2. Establish “About Me” Page
  3. Optimize Your Blog for Search Engines
  4. Tell Real Stories, Develop Emotional Relationships
  5. Be a Part of Community – Comment and Engage Other Bloggers
  6. Create Unique Content – Content Matters the Most
  7. Encourage Social Sharing
  8. Have Photos for Every Post
  9. Use Tags for Easier Content Finding
  10. Link to Other Bloggers
  11. Don’t Give Up – Keep Pushing and Writing
  12. Contact High Profile Bloggers for a Chance to Write for Them
  13. Submit your Content to Reddit, Twitter, StumbleUpon, etc,.
  14. Create Interviews with Experts
  15. Ask for Visitor Feedback, Respond to Feedback
  16. Allow Users to Interact with You
  17. Write with Passion, Do what You Love
  18. Try to Give Readers Meaningful Content
  19. Create Top 5,10,20 Lists
  20. Create How-to Articles

Remember, these are the essential things to remember. Nobody can tell you how to blog, otherwise you would be doing something that someone else told you to do. Blog like yourself and you should find yourself learning and becoming better at what you do.

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