In today’s world, we are so consumed in generating a number of “likes” on Facebook, or making people comment on our posts and photos that we upload and share.  To some extent, we all are guilty that we face such an obsession. The moment we upload any picture, we check our phones every 2 minutes to see if the number of hearts on Instagram or the number of thumbs up on Facebook have increased or not.

With almost every company recognizing the need for social media to progress in business, a profession in handling in social media can give a brilliant push to your career. It is now that a social media consultant is considered an asset to people who want to market their brand and products on a platform as popular as a social networking website.

More than anything else, a person who spends most of his time on Twitter or Facebook would probably know it better than anyone else. Also, reports of a study show that many companies are able not synthesizing the potential of the social media to the fullest mainly because they don’t have the employees with the right skill and knowledge. Such work should be best left to people who “actually” know how it works.

If you really relate yourself with your obsession and wish to transform it into a full-time job, then there’s always something for you at the end of the day.

The social media explosion

The use of social media has been already so much incorporated in our lives that marketing a product through it seems no harm.  In fact, it provides a potential new chance to advertise their products.  Data reveals that with Facebook already touching skies with 850 million monthly users; Twitter is no less with 107, 33 and 30 million users in the USA, Brazil and Japan respectively. With as many as 1 million websites integrating with Facebook for several purposes, Twitter also has shown the potential by allowing 34% of the marketers to generate leads.  When 77% of the companies on Fortune Global 100 chose Twitter to have an account, 43% of the B2B companies and 77% of the B2C companies acquired their customers via Facebook.

Social websites like Pinterest have set a record by hitting 10 million visitors on its site.  Infact, 25% of the Fortune Global 100 companies have created an account on Pinterest. Also, around 69% of the online customers who visited Pinterest have actually found a thing to buy on the site.

Quite underutilized ones like Google+ have emerged with nearly 500 million users with 48% of its users being the Fortune Global 100 companies. With around 40% of the marketers using Google+, 70% of them want to learn on the site and as many as 67% plan to take up activities on the site itself.

Are you a social media aficionado

Social media good for business

Quite a many reasons are known, why companies prefer to leverage social media to market their businesses. A few of them have been mentioned below.

  • Visibility.
  • Self promotion.
  • Successful in creating a bond with the customers.

Most business companies have proved that exposure to social media for their business has reported a drastic increase in their company’s market exposure.

Educated people have their way with social media

A person trained in handling social media or a person obsessed with social media will surely handle it better than anybody else. A few things to keep in mind while marketing have been discussed below.

  • Tweets with around 100 characters are likely to engage more audience than larger tweets.
  • Posts posted around 1pm to 4pm of EST have a chance to be hit with maximum average clicks.
  • Audiences can be engaged through social media with the use of appealing updates, pictures and videos.
  • The different social platform serves different purposes.  Like Google+ has more about the male user than female while Pinterest has more of women than children who are active on the site.
  • Do not ignore the customer tweets being made to the companies.
  • Collect and analyze data about the customary feedback to achieve the desired outlook.

Thus, a person with a degree or an obsession for social media could be the most appropriate for this job.

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