It is very evident from social network sites like Facebook that socially acumen agriculture businesses are now proving that connections between the alliance of agriculture and social media run deeper than the popularly played Zynga game and Farmville is proof of it. In today’s 21st century one might believe that agriculture businesses and organizations bear the reputation of still being backward, but in reality, these businesses have not only embraced social media in the most glorifying way, but they are also using this channel to bloom into bigger and worldwide recognized agribusinesses.

The farmers and agriculture professionals have already begun tapping into other marketing channels such as Facebook, and Maryland’s organic farm, “One straw Farm” is one of the most inspiring stories which have completely harnessed the digital influence and fundraising online to develop mobile applications pertaining to their business. This app is meant to help alleviate issues regarding recording procedures by enabling farmers to update their records and statuses from anywhere at any time. It marks the beginning of a revolution in the agriculture as well as the social media world.

Farmers have begun to use several social media platforms to share their experiences and create a fan following for themselves through photos, infographics, blogs and tweets. Social media adds a lot of value in conjunction with the traditional methods and has given the power to any business to tell their story and thrive and protect their organizations as well. The chief value of social media platforms for the agriculture industry basically lies in the social capital. ROI are often an indirect proof of improved social capitals, but it is not very easy to measure these in the agribusinesses. The areas of values that can be worked upon to improve this stance are:

Agriculture meets Social Media1. Connecting farmers all over the world through social media platforms:

This not only helps in the farmers interacting with each other to tell their stories, but also makes them feel less isolated and enables them to meet and establish networks with other farmers all over the world. It also helps in providing a plethora of knowledge streams to the farmers which can help them increase their harvests and in turn their revenues. The farmers have now been enabled to work on their skills and discuss the various technological advances in the field of agriculture every other part of the world, to try and incorporate them into their businesses.

2. Marketing using these social media

Agribusinesses can use the social media platforms efficiently to increase awareness about their organization and to connect with an ever growing agriculture demographic online. People can be use these platforms to discuss important issues regarding the field of agriculture and farming and thus provide solutions to several farmers. This is productive farming over the internet.

3. Social Media platforms enable consumer and farmer engagement

Connecting with the audience and your consumers is probably the prime factor of any marketing business leaving no exceptions for agribusinesses too. It provides an opportunity for the producers to use social media tools and applications to make selling and purchasing decisions. It helps the farmers to get to know and identify their consumers, thus building binding relationships which help in increasing demand for their agriculture goods.

4. Helps in crisis management

The field of agriculture is very prone to crises based on seasonal changes and various hazards. Social media, being a two way communication platform can help learn the farmers understand and realize the latest disaster their way and how to curb these crises. This helps them in better management of their agribusinesses and collects information about upcoming hazards in order to prepare for them. This increases the quality of the agricultural products and risk management of their business.

Agriculture even though is regarded as the most primitive businesses, through these platforms has really evolved into a thriving industry. The quality of the agricultural products as well as the technology that they have incorporated lately to farm has improved by leaps and bounds and it can all be credited to the development of the social media era in agribusinesses. The above few points clearly show how the agriculture industry can benefit in several areas from these platforms.



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