vBSocial’s mission is to create  social atmospheres for websites to compete with social networks.

We believe every site will and must transform into a “social network” of their niche. Sites that don’t do this will simply fall behind the top of the pack.

In order to be part of web 3.0, every site will need to add technology that understands their users better, that responds to users interactions on their sites, and organizes their users data in an understandable manner.

Our software creates a responsive culture within the site. No matter how your site monetizes, vBSocial brings proven, and effective results for communities world-wide by keeping members longer on your sites, and more attentative to what is going on. We drive registrations, activity, social virality, and improved site navigation.

Two things we know to be true

Since the beginning, we’ve focused on providing the best user experience possible. We take great care that our products ultimately serve you, rather than our goals.

Great just isn’t good enough. ~Coined from Google

The Team

David Ahmad – President and CEO

David Ahmad holds a Bachelors Degree of Science in Engineering. He enjoys playing soccer and tennis on his free time when he’s not coding up a storm. Today he is responsible for overseeing the business operations from styling, to coding and to running the BuyPoe.com Network, which get 500k-1 Million Visitors monthly.

Alex Barsky – President and CEO of FirstGearDesign

Alex Barksy works with David Ahmad on Big Projects from time to time sharing key technical knowledge and strategic initiatives.

Rudolph Andreas – Programmer / Developer

Rudolph currently attends college in Germany and works with us on his free time. Communicating with him can be tricky when distance seperates us by several timezones. Nevertheless, hes’ a great part of our team.

Qualm- Programmer/Developer

Not much is yet known about Qualm. He’s diligent and knows his code 😉

ZipTide – Web-Security Guru – One of the best security experts in the industry. With more than a decade in security, you want this guy on your side when trouble strikes.

Jina – Lead Developer

Jina is a php/javascript developer who is responsible for some of the vBSocial Notifications updates. Hes’ well versed in php, javascript, and cross browser compatibilities.

Scanu – Programmer/Developer

ScanU is the new guy in town, looking to make a big splash. At the moment we are testing out his skills. His main strengths is javascript, HTML, and css. He’s hails from Cagliari, Italy.
Anderson – Anderson is a new developer that is working on a secret project of ours. To be released soon.

Jinying – Software Developer

Jinying joined in late 2012 and is adapting well to the team. He’s passionate about coding, and responsible for a lot of the vBWall updates.

Tyteen4a03 joined just after the New Year of 2013. He is a young but strong developer that has joined our team. He understands a great deal about vBulletin, PHP and Javascript.

You may have seen him around vBSocial forums as of lately, submitting bugs, and providing valuable input into vBSocial Notifications.

Intern Developers

We love our interns who come to work for us when they can out of their busy schedule. Interns do alot of the basic work and are currently being trained by David.



We are small but fast growing company. If you like what we do, please send us a comment, or sign up for VIP or shoot us a suggestion! (or all three)