Continuous writing can eventually become boring, at which point you are telling yourself that you don’t want to do it anymore, and other silly things. Writing needs to come from a special place, because then it never gets boring, as you are always learning and exploring more about the possibilities.

Either way, if you find yourself struggling with writing more content, why not give a go to one of our special plugins design to solve such problems? I am of course talking about the revolutionary vBSocial Scheduler, this amazing plugin will help you share thousands of photographs straight from your WordPress admin dashboard.

I cannot recommend this plugin enough, I have to tell you – it’s one of the hottest traffic generation methods out there at the moment. Get vBSocial Scheduler now!

Apart from our lovely plugin, there are 7 really easy to implement tactics you can start using right away, to really product that content that will produce high rankings.


Don’t just talk how great the apples are, teach your users to take a bite from the apple and taste it for themselves.

Interactive Content

Make your readers do something after they finish reading your posts, interact with them. Make them go signup on a service site, or check out a another post from you. It’s all about giving readers choices.


Another oldie but very converting still. Learn to operate and create content trough the latest trends and you are guaranteed to be picked up by a blog or two in the long run.

Readable Content

Presentation of content can mean everything in some cases. It has been proven countless times that people like content that looks incredibly oriented and organized.

Who is Going to Read?

It’s important to know who exactly are going to be the people reading your blog, your content. Don’t create tutorials on how to squeeze apple juice, when your blog is about automotive parts. Get it?

Make a Point!

Don’t write for the sake of writing, try and make a point about something. Anything, what is your title about? Is it about how to write the perfect wordpress article? Then so be it, write about it. And don’t take any shortcuts.

Purpose of the Website

What is the real purpose of your website, blog? What are you trying to achieve? Study these things and narrow them down to the smallest things, it is going to make content creation much, much easier.

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