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Ahh…the social network for hipsters! Or not. Tumblr has a reputation for being an inspiring blogging service for younger people who are in some way special, creative at least. Tumblr is different from your regular social network, it gives freedom to its users as far as design goes, and that is what seems to matter the most to some.

Being a micro-blogging service, Tumblr is surprisingly large in terms of user base and was recently acquired by the news outlet Yahoo!. While many people feared change and packed their stuff to move to WordPress.com, the site is still going strong to this day and seems nothing is going to stop it for a while.

Tumblr requires unique approach, and we are going to look at exactly what is required from us to be successful on Tumblr.

6 Tips for Success on Tumblr

Consider surfing Tumblr first, to make sure it’s something your business could benefit from. Instead of being too active on Tumblr, you could try establishing your own social network with the use of a plugin that is being developed by vBSocial team. It’s called WordPress social network and integrates some really interesting features to your blog.

Care for What You Share

It means that you should avoid sharing content just for the sake of it, instead focus on adding a valuable comment or opinion to whatever you are sharing across the site.

Read More

Tumblr is known for being short and elegant, time to time however you will run into writing a post that might consist of 1000 words. For such large posts use the “Read More” button so that users can avoid infinite scrolling on your blog.

Enjoy Laughing

Tumblr is all about fun, and you will find a lot of fun content on this micro-blogging website. With that in mind, don’t be afraid to laugh and share funny content yourself. Even if it’s only reblogging. Just do it.

Share Content

Besides reblogging other peoples work, start sharing something of your own. Doesn’t have to be anything extraordinary, but some thought momentum once in a while might be a good idea to engage more readers.

Remember to use the correct post format as Tumblr offers plenty of variation. Different content type means different ways of displaying it. Play around to get a hang of it.

Be Creative with the Design

As we know already, Tumblr is all about the style. Work on your design to match whatever that you feel your personality is like at given moment. Tumblr offers hundreds of themes and provides tutorials on how to modify them for best results. There is a little bit of HTML/CSS knowledge required, but nothing that a Google query couldn’t fix.

Queue Posts

If you are a brand or a business using Tumblr for promotional purposes, utilize the “queue posts” function provided. This way you can line up a few posts every day or week and save a lot of time. Instead of finding things to post every day, now you can do it once a week.

Leave a comment if you have got more ideas on how to make it on Tumblr.

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