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Now that we know how to get more Instagram followers, we might want to take a look at some tips for increasing our business visibility and audience on Instagram. Remember, vBSocial offers an amazing plugin that makes your WordPress installation in a social network in a nick of time. Making your WordPress social might be the best step you take in a long time. Read more about it here.

Anyway, let’s get back to our tips article. Instagram is pretty straightforward, you create an account, add a profile image and a bit of description. You then have the option of linking together your Facebook account to let all your friends know you have an Instagram account. But what next? What are some things that one should consider doing next, to improve their visibility on this social network?

Instagram is huge and can prove to be of real benefit by doing things right. As of recently, Instagram also allows sharing of video files, not too long, but long enough to catch your potential customers attention.

Using Instagram for Business: 6 Tips

Let’s not waste a minute.

Instagram Business Blog

To start with, Instagram itself offers a business blog to it’s loyal users. You can find it at The header reads:

Welcome to the Instagram for Business blog! Explore how businesses are using Instagram through tips, brand spotlights, API examples and news from Instagram HQ.

Check it out and maybe save the RSS feed for future reading. Some important updates get shared on this blog.

Keep Momentum

Don’t over-think or try to look in the future too much. Try to keep things at a balanced level. A few things to keep in mind: keep using hashtags, connect with other people.


As mentioned earlier in this article, Instagram lets you share videos. More specifically, 15 second videos. 15 seconds is all you need to capture your followers attention and make them curious. Use the videos to advertise an upcoming even or product.

Share Videos, Pictures on Your Blog, Website

Don’t just work on Instagram alone, or Facebook. Share what you put on your Instagram account on your blog or website too. Make it available to everyone.

Follow for Follow

Don’t be too selfish and follow back people who follow you. Even if it means competition or other businesses. You can only learn from these people, and having good relationships wouldn’t hurt.


Rewards is a great way to have your brand name spread across Instagram quickly. People love discounts and free stuff. Mostly the free stuff. But either way, giving things to people is nice and it pays back. Give back to your followers to show them you care about your brand and who is part of it.

These are some pretty simple tips to consider if you are looking to increase and expose your business on Instagram. If you have more tips to add, please leave a comment below.

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