6 Easy to Follow WordPress Optimization Tips

I always try to teach and enlighten my clients about SEO and how important it is to maintain a good SEO strategy. It’s what I do for a living, help businesses rank better and create higher brand visibility across the web. Most of my clients operate with the WordPress CMS, and along the way I was able to learn what really works and what doesn’t.

vBSocial is really focused right now in bringing you the best WordPress plugins in the market, and that includes plugins that are meant to increase your overall website visibility (like vBSocial Pages), the same very factor that many SEO’s are starting to take more seriously. It’s not about how many keywords you’ve got anymore, it’s all about user experience and that seamless experience.

You can learn to generate traffic, but you can also integrate Facebook like gallery to go that extra mile.

You should study these tips thoroughly and see what you and your business might be missing, then work hard to incorporate them in your SEO strategy and/or plan and see the magic happen. You can always contact me trough the blog comments below, and I’ll be more than happy to help you!

The Right Keywords

We are not living in the old ages anymore, we aren’t writing content just for search engines anymore, we actually have to put the effort towards creating appealing and educational content, that will be of use for both search engines and the user. I’d say that mentioning the keyword, 2-3 times per post is completely enough to have a good chance of ranking good for that keyword, provided that you have the backlinks.

Blog Directories

Many think that directories don’t work anymore, when in fact they do! You have just been made to think that they don’t, and in reality are still a very good way of building backlinks, gaining authority and generally good for optimizing your WordPress blog. It’s the spammers who are lazy to submit their site to directories, so they want you to be lazy as well!

Social Media is King

Remember when content was king? Well, it still is, but social media is also a contender for the throne, especially so in the past couple of months, when majority of the search engines have started taking social signals seriously and now consider them an essential part of any businesses SEO strategy.

Post Frequently

It doesn’t matter if you’re a tiny business, or a full-scale company. You should work hard towards getting that content out on regular basis. I’m sure your niche is much broader than you might have first thought of it.

Remember to be unique and original within your content, nobody likes fake content and it’s such a bad practice, it will not help you optimize your WordPress blog at all!

RSS Feeds

Although Google reader has passed away, there are plenty of alternatives out there. This means that RSS is not dead, and it won’t be still for a long time. Most of media outlets and news sites use RSS to deliver the latest content, so why shouldn’t you do the same?

Pinging Services

It’s becoming increasingly harder to get noticed on search engines straight away, due to the large volume of content that is appearing on the web. You can try and maximize your efforts by using pinging services, a pinging service will basically tell the search engine that a new post has been made and that it can be crawled.


It’s simple, we just have to follow these rules and we should improve and optimize our SEO rankings very quickly.

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