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In the past two years, Twitter has seen more growth than some sites will in their lifetime. Twitter caught peoples attention and quickly spread across news outlets and real life television. Everyone has a Twitter account, although not everyone might be using Twitter. Not tweeting at least.

Personally, I find the process very boring, being a blogger – if I have something to say, I will do so in a blog post. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t people who tweet on daily basis though, quite the opposite actually. Many webmasters find that tweeting helps their business and blog very much.

Twitter is very plain and easy, it doesn’t let you give away much within a tweet, but having something meaningful within 140 characters can lead to an influx of new followers and visitors. People love unique tweets and a lot of people dislike accounts that simply spam other websites feeds in bulk. Just to get followers.

Twitter is not to be compared to Facebook, but it can drive a lot of traffic instantly, if you make the right decisions. Have you thought about having a social network of your own? Having visitors come from Twitter you might want to consider the vBSocial WordPress social network plugin? It’s cheap and it’s effective. Social media is important to your brand, make a statement by making your site socially friendly.

5 Ways of Getting More Twitter Followers

Let’s look at the list.

Educational, Inspirational, Unique Content

People like unique and inspiring content. It can come in any form, but if you believe in what you are saying and stand up for yourself, people are going to love and follow you instantly. It’s how it works. Think about when you are following someone, and why are you doing it. You are doing it because that user is going to bring some value to you, do the same thing to your followers.

Twitter Buttons

Clearly you run a website or a blog, utilize the tools offered by Twitter and blogging platforms to have a Twitter button on your website available. Make it clear that you have a Twitter account and you would like your visitors to follow you. Don’t be ashamed.

Follow Other People

Like attracts like. If you follow someone, chances are that someone is going to follow you as well. Don’t try to hide the fact that you are a part of an industry, follow people in your field and engage them. It can only do good.


Simple as that, just tweet. Because all the content on Twitter is flowing by like a river stream it’s important to let your followers know you still exist. This gives you a bigger chance of being seen.

Link Other Social Networks

You probably have other social networks you use, LinkedIn and Facebook for example. Those sites allow you to link your account with Twitter to have updates shared on their sites too. Do this to increase your tweet visibility. But take into consideration the above tips. Be unique.

I hope these tips are of value to you, leave a comment if you have got more ideas.

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