Viral Content

Unlike normal content, or even good content – viral content really needs to shine with something special for it to be considered viral content. Often large companies spend millions of dollars to create spectacular content that becomes viral for weeks, usually though – such content is just something that advertises a product in the end.

In past, articles and simple blog posts could become viral very easily, but as the internet has evolved the requirements have grown, and these days most viral content comes in the format of video on video sharing sites like YouTube.

Viral content usually share some similarities that either start a movement (think: harlem shake and free hugs campaign..) or show people something they already knew for a long time but someone stood up to speak up for it.

Social media plays a big part on how viral content gets shared, that means that such content should appeal to the masses. You can too, make your own website as a means to promote content with your users instantly. vBSocial is a proud developer of some really cool WordPress plugins that enable social activity on your site. For more details see our WordPress plugins directory!

5 Qualities of Viral Content

Lets take a look at some qualities that determine how viral content operates.

Global Appeal

Like stated above, viral content needs to appeal to the masses. It should be designed for everyone’s liking and shouldn’t promote any type of discrimination or disrespect. Sometimes the simple things are what makes it.

Emotional Appeal

People love to share things that appeal to them emotionally. Emotional triggers are important in viral content, it gives it the special factor of being engaging on an emotional level. This is something that many videos don’t do.

Rather than focusing on the fear emotions, focus upon giving the viewer positive emotions that he will feel even after viewing the video.


Viral content should tell a story, in any manner possible, as long as it is not a bunch of ideas thrown in one. It should tell a story that delivers throughout the whole video.


Another quality of viral content is displaying the values of our humanity. Instead of displaying greed we can display love and compassion towards others.


Last, but not least. People love entertainment, if the viral content appears to be spontaneous it’s probably going to be entertaining no matter what. But if something gets created with purpose and money is involved, one should consider investing some of that money and time into making the content entertaining.

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