Thinking that Your blog is perfect is probably not the best idea, but you shouldn’t think your blog is bad neither. Frankly, it is going to be hard to please everyone. And many bloggers tend to use designs that they themselves like. It’s not all about design though, there are many little changes that can be made to improve the overall experience of the blog.

5 Tips for Improving Your WordPress Blog

Speeding Up Your Blog

Speed is crucial, nobody likes slow loading pages, even Google considers website speed as a means of ranking score. Many people avoid slow sites and usually close the page down before it even gets to load. It’s a little bit sad, but very true. Just like time is money, so is website speed.

Consider the following options for improving your blogs speed:

  1. Get a Caching Plugin (W3 Total Cache)
  2. Start using a Content Deliver Network (Cloudflare)
  3. De-clutter theme, sidebars

WordPress Social Network

What other better way to improve the quality of your blog than having a social network of your own? For this you can utilize our own homegrown WordPress plugin that will help you just with that. Experience WordPress in a different way. vBSocial offers a WordPress social network plugin that supports live notifications, messages between the users and more.

Find out more at

Social Sharing

It is hard to believe that you wouldn’t utilize this method of improving your sites quality, but social sharing buttons are a must have for any blogger or webmaster out there. Not just because it is a Google ranking factor (a big one), it’s also a tool for driving more traffic and engaging new people.

Happily, we have got an article here on vBSocial covering social sharing plugins for WordPress.

Top 5 Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress

Optimized “About Me” Page

Having a good “About” page is very important. People love to read blogger stories and often stick with people who they can relate to. If you haven’t got an About page that informs people of you and your goals, it’s very hard to earn trust and respect. A good About Me page covers the basics of your life and how you came about to be a blogger, what is your purpose and what would you like to achieve.


The last plugin in our list of improving your WordPress blog is going to be a sitemap. Many bloggers don’t take this addition very seriously, but they should. Sitemap is the file that keeps track of your website, all the links to content alongside their published date. It’s good to have a sitemap so that Google can easily maneuver trough your blog and index your content quickly.

vBSocial suggests: Google XML Sitemaps

Hopefully you were able to take something away from this article, and best of luck on improving your blog.

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