At some point all of us realize that we want to attract more visitors and readers to our website and feed subscription. While for some this “skill” comes naturally, others need some guidance first. Promoting a website has become a lot easier than it used to be, and is more widely accessible to everyone.

The question here is, is the amount of work we are going to put towards promoting going to pay off? Sometimes, that time could have been spent elsewhere, yielding more results. Get clear about why do you want to promote and what exactly have you got to give the potential new visitor.

5 Tips for Easy Website Promotion

The most common method of promoting is probably going to be social media, it’s easy and everyone has access to it. Over the years a couple of social networks have become the leaders in the industry, thus giving you the highest chance of receiving any return, they include: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram.

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Search Engine Optimization

Being a website owner, the first thing you should understand about promoting a website is search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO. It’s the basic method of optimizing a website for search engines to gain organic traffic. This takes quite a while to build up though, and usually requires other sites linking to your content. That means that creating good and valuable content is also of value.


#Hastags used to belong only to Twitter, but now, almost every major social network utilizes hashtags. Recently Facebook rolled out this feature, and now is the best time to cash-in on this new feature. Look out for latest trends and put to use the hashtags.

Link Directories

Also known as social bookmarking sites. These include Reddit, StumbeUpon, Delicious and a few other ones. It’s easy to find them if you do a quick Google search. The thing to remember here is that the content you are submitting should be either funny or of value to the user, these bookmarking sites are supported by real people who like real content.

Link Exchange

Another good method is link exchange, exchanging links with other bloggers and website owners who work in your field. It could be just a single article exchange if thats how far it gets, but even that counts and is going to give you better chance of ranking good on search engines.

Word of Mouth

Our last tip for this article on how to promote a website easily is going to be word of mouth. It’s the most natural way of advertising something, especially if you believe in it. I wouldn’t recommend advertising a pornography website of yours trough word of mouth, even if you make nice money of of it.

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