You are a journalist who is trying to make it in the spotlight. You are doing all you possibly can but nothing seems to work out. Here we will be discussing a few essential things that should help boost your journalist endeavors on Facebook. Getting started as a journalist on Facebook is easy, just be authentic and professional, to start with.

Maybe you will find that these tips are nothing new, but you should understand that these are essential tips to succeed and show yourself in positive light in front of other people. You know what journalism is like, so act like it.

5 Tips for Being a Better Journalist on Facebook

“In a recent analysis of posts from journalists and news organizations on Facebook, posts that included ‘breaking’ or ‘breaking news’ in a posting received an increase 57% in engagement.”

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Professional Photographs

Our first tip is about using professional photos for your Facebook profile. This includes cover photo, profile photo and as well as the images on your written articles, if any. The first two seem to be of most importance. Create that professional look and feel to instantly let the readers know what you are about. Look online for professional looking design examples to get the idea, in case you don’t.


As a journalist you most likely have access to several online news outlets, giving you the access to modify and add more content to these sites. This is where security becomes important part of your career. You wouldn’t want someone hacking inside of your Facebook account, or even your computer, only to find out that hackers have tried to advertise viruses. Some tips to consider for security purposes:

  1. Have a licensed anti-virus
  2. Choose a STRONG password
  3. Use security questions
  4. Avoid using shared computers to journal

Facebook Mobile

Just because you are on the go does not mean you cannot keep updating your followers with the latest news. Use your phone to submit short quotes of your story and submit images along the way. This will keep the momentum going until you can get to a computer to submit a full story.

Breaking News

People love up-to minute scoop, so try and focus on bringing breaking news as often as possible. At first it might seem a little hard but with time you should get better at it, and at this point some people might break their news trough you. Hard work pays off.

Interact with your Followers

It’s simple, keep in touch with your followers. After all, they help you gain audience and momentum where it is needed. Update your followers with whatever you feel is necessary at any given moment. Interacting with your followers is nothing bad and is actually encouraged.

As always, leave a comment if you feel like you have got more to add to this article. Also check out our WordPress plugins directory for some great plugins to enhance your site.

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