In short three years, Instagram was able to generate a population of 150 million users. That changed the way we share pictures online, and because Facebook saw that potential it acquired Instagram for $1 billion in April, 2012. Nowadays all the big brands, including many young artists use Instagram to continue growing their name and reach new audiences.

As of late 2013, Instagram receives a daily dose of 1 billion likes on pictures and a 1000 new comments every second, while serving 18 billion images. Those are some incredible numbers, and if you are a brand owner – you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to make some new customers here. This is why we have put together this article for you, it will outline five simple things to avoid when creating a following on Instagram.

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5 Things to Avoid on Instagram

Instagram shares pretty much the same social networking rules as other social sites would, in case you have forgotten them, lets take another look to refresh our memory.

Posting too Much

This falls under the quantity < quality. There is no point posting the same picture with different text on it tens of times in hopes that it will bring any results. People should be treated with respect not spam. Avoid spending too much time posting meaningless pictures, while focus on sharing at least a few good ones every week.


Yes, people hate selfies. Think about it.


Having hashtags is good, having too many or the wrong hashtags is not so good. Avoid posting hashtags that are completely unrelated to the original picture, just to get more views. It will only show that you are desperate. Instead focus on making at least 3-4 really good hashtags.

For example, let’s take a picture of a train.

Good #hashtag: #train #trainstation #trains
Bad #hashtag: #traininmyhomecity #trainstationincalifornia #trainsontraintracks

Keep it simple and understandable.


Nobody likes begging, it makes you look desperate and sometimes even dumb. Avoid spamming peoples accounts with questions for follows and instead try to make meaningful relationships. Think how you would feel if someone constantly kept spamming your pictures with “Please follow me!”. It might gain you more followers, but in the long term they wont be as meaningful.

Pointless Photos

This includes photos like you showering, you having lunch or you opening a door. You know, the casual photos of things that we experience every day. Instead try to focus on photos that bring some value to your followers or the brand you are representing.

Feel free to add more quality tips to this article in the comment section below. There aren’t that many things to avoid on Instagram, but stupidity is definitely one of them.

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