Ah..The days of beginner blogging. While it can prove to be frustrating to be a new blogger, in the long term you will look back on these days and miss them a lot. Beginning to work with WordPress is wonderful and there is so much to learn. And because WordPress community is simply huge – there is always support available.

WordPress is the most popular blogging software in the world, and because of that we are able to look at hundreds of different developer opinions of how should a WordPress blog needs to be run. You are bound to run into problems once in a while, and some of the bugs can prove to be quite the time consumers. People who can afford to pay a developer can have their site up and running very quick.

I prefer learning and finding solutions myself.

5 Powerful Tips for WordPress Beginners

Lets not waste a minute!


Images give a meaning to a blog post or an article, and often are the crucial point of someone reading it or not. It’s hard to come up with image ideas at first, and it’s even harder to find the right images, because of copyright laws. But in recent times it has become easier to find images that don’t require linking back. Most will require a single link back.

But anyway, always remember to have images for your posts. This includes having the alt, title tags set properly too, for increase search engine rankings and visibility. Over time, these visitors from image sites will add up to thousands.

Clean Sidebar

Sidebar is probably the second most important part of your website behind content itself. Sidebar is where you can express yourself and your brand/blog. Focus on putting only the most important things here, like: links to social networks, subscribing modules, information about you, contact details. Only the important stuff. It’s fine to put advertising links in the sidebar.

Social Networking

Yes, social networking has become a must for all bloggers alike. That is, if you care about your community and customers. You can also consider purchasing a plugin of vBSocial. It’s a WordPress social network that will transform your site into a social networking powerhouse. Giving you tools like instant messaging between site users, live notifications and more. Find out more in our plugin directory.


Don’t forget to have nice link structure for easy linking and search engine visibility. Permalinks can be managed from the WordPress settings page. But also from the post editor.


Sometimes blog owners forget about the footer and completely avoid putting anything of use down there, but try to avoid this. The footer is a great place to store all your contact information and widgets like latest comments and posts. Some people do actually scroll all the way down to the bottom, give them a reward!

Keep it Clean

Cannot stress this last tip enough. WordPress was made to be easily understood by everyone. Yet, you see a lot of WordPress websites looking like someone had just spilled a can of paint on them and you can hardly see anything. Simplicity is the key, and any clutter should be kept to minimum. This includes keeping an eye on plugins who overpopulate our sites with unnecessary stuff.

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