5 Ideas for Things to Share on Social Media

It’s easy to get a list of social media accounts up and running, and it’s even easier to add them to your website. When it comes to promotion, things start to get tricky. It’s a different story when you have to develop a social media strategy that you can depend on. Are you aware and educated about the things you should be sharing on social media, that have proven to convert well?

It doesn’t matter who has created the strategy, or who is in charge of it. It’s gonna take more than a single kick in the right place for it to blast off and start bringing you happy customers, always remember to work hard.

5 Ideas for Things to Share on Social Media

What is the good stuff you should be sharing?

Corporate News

News always convert like crazy, people like to read news because the are informational and easy to digest. Share news that relate to your industry and see magic happen. It’s alright to promote other people, in case you are wondering why you should do that.


Images appeal to everyone, especially images with meaning and engaging, emotional concept in them. This applies to infographics too, people love to receive a dose of information in a quick and elegant manner.

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Tips, Tricks, Secrets, Lists

The quick type of content, content that will not require 30 minutes to read and observe. Give your readers the maximum quality in the least amount of words possible. It’s not really that hard, lets be honest – every website you know is sporting some sort of lists..

Funny Content

The last tip is going to be funny content, it’s bound to convert and engage people. I constantly see funny content being shared on my Facebook stream, people resharing and liking funny videos and pictures…and not that there is any sort of shortage for such content.

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