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Social media marketing has become a whole new concept for businesses and marketers around the world. If you are in the business industry, you hear the word social media every day. It has become the most profitable field in the entire world. Although there is vast amount of information available regarding social media marketing, don’t believe for a second that it is going to come easily.

Many people make their first mistake by thinking talking to people and promoting a product to them is easy, it’s in fact pretty straightforward. All it takes is something decent to sell and some respect towards potential new clients. Either way, we are going to take a look at some frequent mistakes beginners make, things one should avoid when starting to come up with marketing strategies.

5 Frequent Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

The first thing to remember is engagement, a page that doesn’t have anyone visiting it or leaving comments to it is not going to get far as far as establishing a social media brand goes. To take a step ahead of the competition, vBSocial offers a WordPress plugin to create your website into a social network in minutes. It’s designed to help you stay in touch with your clients and visitors no matter what. Giving your site that social feel it needs. Head over to our WordPress plugin directory to find out more.

Understand The Social Media

Before you make any big decisions, make sure you understand how each social network you are using works. It’s important to stay updated with the latest trends. Signing up for a newsletter on a website that reports social media news is a good place to start.

Reply in Timely Manner

Avoid ignoring comments and feedback. Even a single thank you reply can leave the visitor feel important. It’s all about making that emotional connection. You probably don’t like waiting around for a response either.

Don’t Overdo It

If you have someone to hire that will do all the work for you, then great. If not, don’t try to overdo something that doesn’t need that amount of attention you are trying to give it. Keep it simple and resolve only the important issues.


Don’t follow someone elses footsteps and try to bring some creativity in to play. Make your page stand out from others, in fact, make your business stand out from others.

Watch the Competition

Yes, keep an eye on the competition is healthy. It gives you a glimpse of how they are doing and perhaps what they are doing wrong, which gives you the ability to improve in those fields and gain more customers.

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