A managed hosting service means that all of the settings and configurations come already installed on a given server and all that you need to do is create an admin account and start publishing content. You of course get full access of managing themes and plugins, but you won’t be able to have a control panel like cPanel at your hands.

While manages WordPress hosting services offer great security options and promises, vBSocial would like to remind you that we are the developers of the hottest security plugin for 2014. It’s called vBSocial Monitoring, and it will help you monitor your files on your blog, enabling alerts by email and even text messages.


The first notable thing about managed WordPress hosting is the automation process trough which the plugins, themes and core can be updated, saving you some extra time.


As we mentioned above, WordPress managed hosting services come with integrated state of the art security solutions that have been put in place by professionals who have had plenty of experience in making websites, servers and networks secure.


Because you are paying a big price for a managed service, you can expect to receive the best support solutions there are. Managed hosting services respect the user loyalty and treat everyone with respect. Technical support will make sure you receive the best support while also working extra hard on solving your problem.

99.9% Uptime

Server uptime is important to any website, and managed WordPress hosting makes offers uptime statistics that are hard to break. Because of the infrastructure used by such large companies, there is a guarantee of an uptime that consists of almost 100%.


Never worry about having to manually setup servers or plugins for making backups, every single one of the managed WordPress hosting companies you will find, will already offer some sort of an solution for managing backups that has been included in the price already.


There are plenty of other good reasons to switch over to managed, like site speed for example. Big data-centers allow managed hosting services to provide speeds that are hard to match for any re-seller company. And we all know just how important website speed is to search engine rankings.

Stay tuned for an list of managed hosting companies 🙂

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