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The need for businesses, brands and companies to have a website is increasing at an incredibly rapid rate, making the market of blogging platforms go boom! In the last few months alone we have seen an massive influx of new platforms entering the market, but they have a long way to go – before getting even close to the market share that WordPress boasts.

This is one of the reasons why vBSocial believes in WordPress and what it does, and offers its customers a wide range of tools to enhance your blogging experience. We specialize in creating plugins that really help you to get things done easily and time efficiently. Just recently we released the vBSocial Scheduler, and shortly after an amazing security plugin called vBSocial Monitoring that will change the way you think of security in the year 2014.

Now it is time to look at the reasons just why is WordPress the best blogging platform out there, for brands and businesses alike.

Beginner Friendly

To start with, WordPress is extremely beginner friendly offering an extensive documentation and a large community on the official forums. This makes it appealing to install and easy to setup. People like myself offer WordPress services that will help you create a site in less than a day!

In past, you had to know programming languages to use blogging platforms, these days it has been made incredibly easy with the help of plugins and custom themes.

Optimized for Search

For a business, SEO is probably the second most important factor after having a website, for this reason alone WordPress is the system to choose and work with. It comes integrated already with some great SEO modifications, while also allowing the installation of plugins that are custom made for making a website SEO friendly.

There is a wide range of plugins available and extensive guides for which ones to use can be found online. Maybe we will eventually have an article about them here on vBSocial as well.

Create a Post in 3 Clicks

All it requires to create a post in WordPress is 3 clicks from your admin dashboard. You click on Posts -> New Post -> Generate a Post -> Publish Content.

Simple as that, and it makes WordPress what it is. A blogging platform that is capable of sustaining and hosting websites of large scale while also maintaining that simplicity and lack of clutter.

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