The most common way of making money online is buy searching Google for “make money online”. You will spend a good hour looking for what you think is the best guide out there, it turns out after spending a non-refundable $1,000 dollars you realize this guide is trying to get you to signup on a website that lets you make money by referring people. Oh my.

There is no way of making money online without putting the right effort into it, you and I know that better than anyone else, or so I would like to think. In any case, I want to list 4 ways of making money online that are hardly painful, more like fulfilling and educational while earning you income.


Of course, blogging. Even if you publish only 1 post per week that is still going to be roughly ~50 posts per year, in 5 years that would be 250 posts. That is actually a huge number of posts to have and it’s guaranteed that by the time you have got that many you will be making at least some income.

The two most common ways of making money trough blogging,

Affiliate Marketing

Selling other peoples products can really maximize your earning potential. I myself have at times generated thousands of dollars, working from home. I was selling software that would let people find all sorts of music files and computer software, it has since then disappeared. Otherwise I would be back on it making that dough!

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Google AdSense, BuySellAds, first ones that come to mind. Direct advertising is also very profitable. People are more likely to click on an advertisement than they are to spend $50 dollars on a product. It will heavily depend on the way you market your website.

Paid Writing

Content writing is very popular on the internet, and its one of those making money types that actually feel like you are getting paid for real work. It’s some secret ingredient you need to take, it’s real work where you have to known real things in order to provide valuable content. Are you good at writing?

Teaching Others

Are you a tutor? Tutoring is also a great way to generate an online income. Sites like Udemy let you publish your work (video) and earn huge amounts of money if the content you provide is really interesting to others. Go over to Udemy and have a look, you might be inspired to create a guide.

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