Being conscious of security related questions and problems is important. In the modern world, hackers love to target weak blogs and steal their data. In the past year alone there have been numerous reports of blogs getting hacked and user data being stolen and further sold to other hackers.

Another known method that hackers use is getting links and advertising spam trough the blogs they hack, in the long run it can only hurt your business or website, to the point where you would have to recreate the whole site.

WordPress by itself is fairly secure and to date there aren’t any bugs in the original installation, however it is possible to exploit certain parts of the website trough the use of themes and plugins, and it’s has been a known method for a long time.

The first thing hackers will do is edit, upload and manage the files of the website they hack. It’s pretty straightforward as there isn’t much else to do from the control panel. By uploading something known as shells they can get deeper access to your website and browse every single file on your hosting account.

vBSocial Monitoring

WordPress security in 2014 is gonna be just as important as it was this year, and that is why vBSocial is very proud to announce its very own WordPress security plugin, VBSocial Monitoring.

The plugin is very straight forward, and is going to add an amazing layer of security to your WordPress installation.

Even just an hour of downtime could mean lost traffic, lower SEO rankings, and even lost profits. Did you know hackers tend to not “destroy” your site the first day they’re in. They usually upload files first to download your file directory and database. Then they deface it and sometimes destroy it. vBSocial Monitoring is proactive in the sense that you’ll know exactly when someone has added bad files to your site.

Is one of the many reasons why you should be getting this plugin straight away, currently in the market there is no other plugin capable of what vBSocial Monitoring is capable of. Receive reports and alert emails directly to your phone, it has never been easier and more comfortable to secure a WordPress website.

The configuration is easy and simple, and will not take more than 5 minutes to configure properly. vBSocial support is always available to answer any of your questions and queries.

Purchase vBSocial Monitoring now!

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