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How much time are you spending every week to manage your social networking accounts, 2hours? Maybe 5hours? It doesn’t matter how much – it’s a lot of time to be spending on a social network. It’s even harder when you have to create content every day for a new post. That takes time and in order to see a return on investment you have to wait for months.

The vBSocial Scheduler plugin is the only product on the market that does batch uploading to multiple social networks. At the moment it supports LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook Pages. The biggest social networks out there. We are planning on adding Pinterest and others in the near future.

The WordPress batch upload plugin will save you tons of time in return for a lot more traffic and exposure. All you need to do is find the right hashtags to use and you will be set to go.

Hiring a social media manager can turn out be an expensive venture, would you rather invest in something once or continue investing all the time, right?

Increase Social Media Traffic

Think of all the images you are able to gather up, or even spend a day creating some. The most popular ones seem to be the ones with quotes and such. It doesn’t matter, whatever you choose it is going to be completely automated for you. Sometimes when you publish content, right before you do it you decide that you have change your mind and want to post another picture. Avoid the frustration and let the images flow.

Schedule Intervals

You don’t have to submit all of the images at once, you can set any amount of an interval you want between the images;

  1. 5 minutes,
  2. 10 minutes,
  3. 15 minutes,
  4. 30 minutes,
  5. 60 minutes,
  6. etc,. etc,.

Instead of making it look like an automated tool is doing all the work, you can easily make it look like the posts are being created by genuine people.

You can easily select the maximum amount of photos to post per day, minimizing the chances to be caught as a spammer.

Premium Service vs Standalone Plugin

There are websites out there that might mimic the functionality of this plugin to a certain extent (certainly, with a lot more limitations), but what is the point in paying a solid monthly fee when you can buy a standalone plugin and using from anywhere you like for anything you like? vBSocial will match the same quality of service and support.

The official vBSocial Scheduler page has a lot more information and snapshots available, be sure to check out the video of the plugin above.

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