How-To Secure a Business and Prevent Identity Theft

We are moving into an era where cyber attacks are going to become more common, it used to be like that one day, but FBI scared the people away, and now it’s making a comeback. The technology has improved and people learn new ways of hacking business websites. It’s all money and thrills for hackers, but what about your business and you?

It’s not only about online businesses. It’s about securing your offices and the accessibility of information. These days we have to deal with attacks on enormously large scale, all because of how accessible the web has become for the average user.

If you happen to be a WordPress user and manage your business using the WordPress blogging platform, I couldn’t recommend our very own WordPress security plugin enough. We at vBSocial know that it is going to revolutionize the way people protect their websites online. We suggest you give it a go and really explore the possibilities of modern day website protection.

Establish a Solid Security Practice

Start by implementing some “basic” precautions that could either mean a weekly security test of all of the facilities or automatic checks that happen every day after people leave work. To make it easier on the resources used. Reports can be sent to email if anything happens. Can also be configured to be sent to phones.

Secure Files

As in, make sure the files are secure and privately allocated. Any sensitive information should stay in the safe, or under protected directories if you are managing an online business.

Limited Access

Like I have said above, try to keep the access to a minimum. The less people are able to see something they shouldn’t, the better. Big corporations are especially strict on this rule, as they have new products and tools that need to be kept secret until they launch. How often does that happen?

Alarm Protection

Like our WordPress Monitoring system, you should aim to have security standards that can easily alert you when something is happening out of the ordinary. Especially so when the job schedule is finished.

Many online businesses are transforming to local businesses and vice versa, so these types will apply to you even if you haven’t yet started either.

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