Facebook on each post is great. But what if your trying to build a very large Facebook Fan Page with thousands, to millions of likes. With this snippet of code and in depth instructions on how to integrate it perfectly into vBulletin, you will gather a passive amount of likes over time that will drive more traffic to your site and a very quick way to communicate with everyone.


Step 1. First go to Facebook Developers area. You should see this:

STEP 1. Settings for Facebook Like In Header

URL Like: Pick your Facebook Fan Page. To do this you will need to create one first if you don’t have one already. Create a Facebook Fan Page.

Send Button: Uncheck

Width: 100

Showfaces: Uncheck

Verb to display: Like

Color Scheme: Light

Font: You Choose


STEP 2: Get Code

Choose the Iframe code.



In header template, add beforeĀ 

<div class="facebookheader">


Save header.


Step 4:

Add to additional.css in CSS Templates

.facebookheader {
   float: left;
 margin: 35px 0 0 135px;
height: 23px;
width: 100px;