There are black hat SEO tricks, and there are also white hat SEO tricks. This is pure White Hat SEO, meaning, the good kind of SEO for your website. Page rank is a link analysis algorithm given by Google. The reason why we love it is because its’ a numerical wieghting to each page on your website, which measures the importance of that page from 1-10. A page rank 5 in 2 years, is quite a feat. In terms of value, the website goes up tremendously. This article will help you get to a page rank 5 in 2 years.

So how did to become a page rank 5 in 2 years? There are a lot of things that work, and a lot of things that don’t work. And there are definitely faster ways to get there than others if you know what to do!


It was a lot of experimentation. First I learned the importance of SEO and how websites can improve their chances on the search engines. One thing that I would say that I spent too much time on was my on-page SEO. Building the SEO on your pages is not as important as building it off-site, elsewhere on the web. Yes you need lots of content to grow fast, but off page helps generate that initial traffic.

1. Try out Hubpages. Hubpages is a large article based/shared advertising driven website where writers publish quality articles, and in exchange share some of the ad revenue. Not only that, they get indexed into Google extremely well and rank pretty high in the search engines for whatever gets posted on that website. Therefore, it is ideal to write articles, and include a back link or 2 to your webpage. Do not include more than 2 external links to your webpages or you will get penalyzed.

2. Write articles on Ezines. There is a reason why so many web administrators write articles on Ezines. It creates a passive income of back links because other website admins take Ezine articles and use it on their blogs. Remember in your signature box that you use a creative back-link to your site. It doesn’t even have to relate to the content of your article. It can be anything like:

Dave has been writing for 10 years and is also the founder of MMORPG Games  as well as vBulletin 4 Styles.

This is a very good way to do it. Notice how my keywords are linked to my websites. The more back links I create with my embedded keywords, the higher I should rank in the search engines. The main thing to take out of this, to beat your competitors you either need

  1. More links.
  2. or Better quality links

The quality of links greatly impact your page rank. So if you were a gaming site, it would be ideal to get back links from gaming web sites that have high PR. (3,4, or 5+) Of course, not all web developers give their page rank to other sites. The more links you have on that high ranking page, the more the page rank gets distributed. So if you had 15 links that were outgoing on the page that was PR 5, it would divide that value of a rank by 15 and send the ranking through all 15 of those pages.

3. Link Exchange – This method is tiresome. It’s annoying because it requires the other administrator to reply to you. However building long lasting relationships with other admins is always a plus as they can help you out with other things as well as give you long lasting page rank. Most admins want to exchange links. However most are looking for other quality, high page rank sites to exchange with, not a PR 0. At first, this method might not be the best.

4. Buy forum accounts that allow signatures. Change the signatures to link back with your keywords. Users from all different forums will visit yours. I did this for quite awhile at first, and I did notice a difference in traffic. I’m not quite sure how much it improved my ranking.

5. Create styles for WordPress or other commercially developed software. Themes allow for back linking. Make sure you create themes that are relevant to your websites theme – that way you’ll most likely gain relevant back links.

6. Submit to directories such as DMOZ. DMOZ is the biggest internet directory on the web. Its’ run by volunteers and owned by Google. Its’ very tough to get in, but supposedly there back link in very powerful. Also,’s directory costs $300 per year to get in. If your serious about your website, I recommend you pay the 300.