ForumSlider Manual:

Installation Instructions:

1. Download

2. Extract with Winzip, or 7zip

3. Once extracted, place files in your ftp server accordingly.

4. Upload vBSocialSlider.xml to Admincp > Plugins and Products > Manage Plugins

5. Go to Settings > Options > vBSocial Slider to configure.

6. Once configuration is done, if you want to set it up on the CMS, or Home page of vBulletin Suite, you can. Create a widget, vBCMS > Widgets > Create New Widget > Widget Type > PHP Direct Execution. Title it “Latest features”, or whatever you want to call vBSocial Slider.

7. Now go to vBCMS > Widgets. You should see a list with your widget “Latest Features” Far to the right, click configure and add our PHP Widget code.

$fsconfig = array();
$fsconfig['width'] = vB::$vbulletin->options[fs_width];
$fsconfig['height'] = vB::$vbulletin->options[fs_height];
$fsconfig['style'] = vB::$vbulletin->options[fs_style];
$fsconfig['fetchdata_method'] = vB::$vbulletin->options[fs_fetchdata_method];
$fsconfig['rss_url'] = vB::$vbulletin->options[fs_rss_url];
$fsconfig['forum_ids'] = vB::$vbulletin->options[fs_forum_ids];
$fsconfig['max_items'] = vB::$vbulletin->options[fs_max_items];
$fsconfig['def_image'] = vB::$vbulletin->options[fs_def_image];
$fsconfig['rel_image'] = vB::$vbulletin->options[fs_rel_image];
$fsconfig['border_color'] = vB::$vbulletin->options[fs_border_color];
$fsconfig['back_color'] = vB::$vbulletin->options[fs_back_color];
$fsconfig['title_max_char'] = vB::$vbulletin->options[fs_title_max_char];
$fsconfig['des_max_char'] = vB::$vbulletin->options[fs_des_max_char];
$fsconfig['cap_height'] = vB::$vbulletin->options[fs_cap_height];
$fsconfig['border_size'] = vB::$vbulletin->options[fs_border_size];


$output .= generateOutput($fsconfig);

8. Done. You can arrange vBSocial Slider however you want in your layouts by moving the widget around in vBCMS > Layout Manager.


9. If you want vBSocial Slider just on the Forums, you can skip steps 6-8 and just use the display on forum feature > Yes, which is inside the options panel in admincp.

5. Make sure RSS Feeds are turned on. Admincp > Options > External Data Provider

Enable (Yes to):

  • Enable External Javascript
  • Enable RSS Syndication
  • Enable XML Syndication
You can also configure your RSS feed at External Data Provider. These settings will in turn affect Sidekick Slider:
  • Thread Cutoff
  • Thread Cache Lifespan
  • Maximum External Records

Under Style settings, the stretch or scale function will determine how ForumSlider will process your your images.

Stretching your images will force the image to take the complete size of whatever you set the height and width of ForumSlider Ultimate to be.

Scaling the image will not ruin the aspect ratio. The image may fit the entire forumslider, or scale smaller but fit nicely in ForumSlider.

The background color is the color you will see when an image does not fit the entire size of the ForumSlider.

The default image will appear when ForumSlider cannot extract an image from your RSS feed.



I am driving content directly from forums/and or CMS, and I do not see any pictures? How come?

You need to allow images to be viewable by guests as well as members.

Is it connected to another server?

I don’t see any items in the slider. Why?
Make sure RSS feeds are turned on is Admincp > Options. Then check the rss feed if there is any items being displayed.

My images are too stretched when appearing, why?
Typically you should only use images that are the same size as your slider. However, thats’ just ideal and unrealistic unless you have lots of time on your hands. If you can’t use pre-scaled images, forumslider is built with a resizer, just switch it to scaled mode instead of stretched mode.

What if there is no image in the thread and it shows up on the slider?
Use Image Bank Technology. In Ultimate version.