vBulletin Social Network 9

The #1 Plugin for vBulletin 4 and 5

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Works with all 3rd Party Plugin Notifications

Fast Enough to Work on Shared Servers

More Mods Included for VIP Members:

vBSocial Dogecoin
Allow users to give each other Dogecoins or Digital Currency, for creating good content. Free
Fake Stats

Packed with all the bells and whistles, this Fake Stats plugin is the best.

Only $25
Header and Footer
Keep all your header and footer scripts like Google Analytics in one place.
vBSocial LifeStream
Combine all social feeds and RSS feeds into one widget.
vBSocial Memberlist
The best memberlist, featuring fast loading times, and sleek, modern interface. Inspired by Facebook
Sync vBulletin to Facebook Groups
Spoil your VIP’s with another exclusive benefit! Or give your moderators, supergroups a communication channel connected to Facebook.
vBSocial Ad Revenue Share 2.0
Increase user activity by giving them an incentive to create threads.