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Thread: Domain Link Taking, How to Build links for my website

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    Default Domain Link Taking, How to Build links for my website

    1. Backlink your opponents - get a Yahoo Site Explorer backlink data dump of your competitors and analyze the data to see who links to them and why. Then, try to either submit your own site, ask to be listed, or pay for the ad spot.

    2. Direct email contact with webmasters - do some fancy searching on the various engines using keywords, site:, allinanchor:, negatives, etc. and come up with a master list of relevant sites to contact. Use on-site contact methods and whois lookup to find a way to contact the right person. Start a conversation with them via email and explain why your site may be of possible benefit to them. Offer up any possible review, exchange, sexual favors, etc. for the reference on their site.

    3. Ebay blog - eBay now has a blog. You can post some content there and its outbound links are followed (for now).

    4. Blog and forum commenting - this is probably one of the cheaper methods of link building now, but it still may have some value if only to get deep site pages indexed. Try to make sure that the outbound links are followed.

    5. Article syndication - I know what you are all thinking: write the article and submit to all of those major article directory sites. Wrong. I dont view that as very useful at all. Instead, I would spend the time researching industry publications that publish regular articles. Often times, they have newsletters, RSS feeds, and post the articles to their site. Also, many sites pick up those feeds and even scrap the content. If you can provide the editor of that site a great article, it has the potential for many great links.

    6) Directory submissions
    *not the best links, except for the top 300 or so ... there are some very good directories, but ... the best part about directory submissions is that you can do soooo many of them very fast and easy. We do most of the time 250 homepage+5x50 deep-links for 3-4 months and we get a lot of responses from our clients that it has actually put them on #1 (of course only for low competition terms or in combination with other linking)

    2) Article submissions
    *I know that it's rather unpopular, but I do believe in it ... still to have success with it you need to keep 2 things in mind;
    1) do many of them, 1 article is not going to do it, you need a bunch of them so you get a strong profile; the articles link to the profile and the profile to the articles, the more articles you submit the more value your whole set gets.
    2) there are indeed not that many good articles directories out there, we've researched more then 1600 so far and we have 100 really good ones, we kept an extra 100, they're ok, not that great, but good enough, but the best part for the 100 extra is that they are rather small, so because we submit daily we're already top-authors in those and many of the articles are in the top-list, these extra links are very important to get PR to the actual articles ... so, it's important to submit to the top-article directories only, if you take just some list from somewhere, it's very likely that from the 100 submissions you do only 20 or so will have some value. we have a top-100 list now, but that took 6 weeks of research and we keep researching daily.

    ... assuming you submit an quality article frequently and to the top directories only !!! articles submissions do have plenty of advantages;

    * Many directories will allow up to 3 deep-links within the content.
    * Your article will be published on a separated page.
    * The page with your article and link is 100% related to your site's content.
    * Most of the time your link(s) are the the only outgoing links on that page.
    * Article directories tend to review the article fast, meaning that your article will be online within 1 month.
    * Other sites will copy your article or refer to it.
    * People actually read these articles and will visit your site.
    * You get more content on your site.
    * Each time you add an article to your site the SE know that your site is active.
    * You can do it as many times you want !!

    last, but not least; write a high quality article, not a long blatant advertisement of your site/services/products ... take it serious !!

    these articles are actually being read rather a lot; only a good, interesting article will be syndicated, social bookmarked or referred to on blog, forum's etc.

    so; article submissions do work, but only if you're serious about it and make sure to keep a high level of quality at each step of the way ...

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    Writing is an art, you must have if you're looking for free ways to promote your website and in doing so, you can write articles and post them on the article send article to industry news and article of them will be free, and they will provide you with high PR.

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    A good article on link building which needs to be applauded.

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