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Thread: Three Steps to Good SEO

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    Default Three Steps to Good SEO

    There are only three steps to SEO:

    1) Make sure your site is accessible.
    2) Provide excellent content with appropriate titles.
    3) Obtain quality links.

    That's it. If you want to read a book about it, you'd be essentially be wasting your time. The accessibility is the easiest part. The next two are equally hard, but as #2 gets better, #3 gets easier.

    There are of course minor things you can do along the way to ease the pain & suffering (budget & time involved), but it's mainly things you'll pick up along the way if you peruse the forums here regularly.

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    General Approach and Research. This first post will look at how you should be thinking about SEO as well as the keyword research you’ll want to do prior to building your site
    On-Site SEO. The second post in the series will discuss how to build a search engine friendly site and how to write content with SEO in mind.
    Off-Site SEO. The last post in the series will look at building links into your site and page and discuss analytics so you can determine what’s been working and what hasn’t and use the information to continue to improve your SEO efforts.

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    Now the best SEO strategy is to create an attractive website content and make useful articles that was good enough. And it is a strategy that is currently desired by the search engines.

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    very good article

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    We have lot of tactics will do search engine optimization which is consider as the part of on page and off page and content marketing is the good for your seo practices

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