Energy storage technology has been around for decades. If you are considering investing in a solar battery backup, then you are definitely making a wise decision. Do you want to know how?In 2016, the average monthly electricity of a family was $95.20, which made it quite expensive for most of the households. This is not it, when the temperatures dipped, the average monthly rate went even up.Solar panels can decrease the energy bills, but they typically do not store the excess energy you create for later use, unless you add a battery system.Today, installing a solar battery backup can go a long way.Solar batteries used in solar systems are relatively new in the market, but they offer a significant economic benefit for homeowners. They allow you to capture the energy produced by your system during the day and use that power when you need it. They are a great way to maximize the savings provided by solar panels.Adding a battery energy storage system to your solar installation can power your home round the clock with clean renewable electricity, even during an outage. Several occasions like power outages, bad weather and rolling blackouts can force you to put your life on hold, but a solar battery backup eliminates these hassles by storing the sun's energy for when you need it most.Benefits of Battery Energy Storage System
  • Make the most of your power: With batteries, the excess power is stored in the battery system. On days when the system doesn’t produce as much power as usual, you can pull from the batteries instead of the grid. Additionally, storing the excess energy in batteries rather than selling it back to the grid, gives you more control over how the energy is to be used.
  • Greater energy security: If you stay in an area where the grid is occasionally unstable, or you wish to provide a greater level of certainty to your home’s power, solar battery can help power key aspects of your home for longer durations, even when the grid goes down.
  • Reduce electric bills: Backing up the home with a battery system will help avoid all the fees associated with electricity retailers. It will create self-sufficiency and help save the electricity that is generated.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint: If you want to go green and reduce pollution, then solar batteries will facilitate you in reducing your carbon footprint.
  • No noise pollution: Unlike generators, solar battery storage systems do not create noise pollution, which is a unique benefit.

Different Battery OptionsThere are different kinds of batteries. Batteries used in home energy storage are typically made from, lithium ion, lead acid or saltwater. Lithium ion batteries are the best options for solar battery backup, but other options might be more affordable.For homeowners who have solar panels yuba city, batteries can be a great way to stabilize the energy system. So, opt for solar batteries and enjoy a more reliable system for years to come.

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