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Thread: Are you the vBulletin Spammer, or the Spammee?

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    Default Are you the vBulletin Spammer, or the Spammee?

    I've finally figured out how to put an end to vBulletin Spam without "moderating" it to death. What have you used to remove spam from your forums?
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    Here's how I have completely stopped all spam on my big board:
    1. Bad Behavior
    2. stopforumspam
    3. IsBot
    4. let supermods moderate new registrations: deny(sends user instructions on how to fix), approve or delete registrations
    5. show custom profile fields in moderation queue
    6. whitelist / blacklist email domains from moderation queue. (to blacklist all fake email domains)
    7. Automatic bounced email processing to deactivate

    I get 1.8 million monthly visitors (uniques) and no spam.

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    I just use BOPs image verification, that stops all spam on my board. I don't need to approve or have users verify their email accounts via email either.

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