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You should know by now that vBSocial doesn’t play around, strictly proud of it’s social networking plugins! We are entering the social era once again, and although millions of the new web users are going to be using your website from mobile – plentiful will enjoy it from their desktop PC’s and even tablets, which are hardly behind the resolution of a full-scale desktop PC.

The reason I mention that is because vBSocial is coming out with some really nice social media plugins lately. First we had the vBSocial Scheduler, then vBSocial Gallery arrived and today I’m proud to present to you: vBSocial Pages.

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To really start making your website (blog) to appear as a full-scale social network, vBSocial team worked hard to bring you Facebook like pages plugin that will integrate amazing functionality to your website. Your visitors will be able to create their own “fan” pages. You could say profile pages on steroids.

Boost User Content Generation

Allow your users to easily create pages based on your sites niche. Users can create pages around music, businesses, art, games, sports, and much more.

Improves SEO and Traffic

With more content, you’ll get more traffic and listings indexed into Google.

Keeps users engaged

Its’ impossible to predict how much a plugin can affect your site when its’ as good as the users who create pages on it. The more users you have, the more pages will be created. The more pages created, the more your users stay on your site, and activity grows.

Social, and personal.

This plugin is inspired by Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google all in one. Theres’ a special user friendliness about the plugin, getting inspiration from the popular social networks, but combining their best attributes.

Directory of Pages

The most active of pages stay on top of our directory. No more “boring” link directories. This directory uses both images, and pulls the number of followers on your page.

Integration with vBSocial NewsFeed, vBSocial Social Network, and more.

We believe its’ important for our plugins to seemlessly integrate with each other. We’ve developed them with that in mind. Your users will be able to get notifications from their pages, as well as updates on their newsfeed on whats’ important to them and their friends.

Are you impressed yet? I hope you are. This plugin will really enhance the way people think of your blog and community. It’s always nice when you have your own special page to return to. Custom avatars, custom images…awesome!

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