Domino Effect

One of the worst things that can happen with a business is that it gets hacked. There are hackers who are careful, and sort of know what they are doing, so you might not spot them for a very long time, but there are the other group of hackers. The other group consists of ruthless terrorists who are looking to steal your data, make your site unusable and then start sell your data on underground communities.

The most recent such event was the attack on Target, an american retailing company. The reports suggest that the attacked caused a leak of 40 MILLION customer details, which included full credit card information. I wonder what the hacker felt like, when he first realized how big of a jackpot he just hit. Kreb’s on Security has got more details on this story.

The lesson here of course is that it doesn’t even matter if we are a small or large businesses, taking security seriously is an essential part of success. The only difference is that it is slightly easier for a small company to be aware of what is happening to its ecosystem on daily basis.

I would like to present to you a list of 4 important and must implement tips if you are serious about your business, and the way it secures your customer data.

WordPress Security – vBSocial Monitoring

Because I believe so many businesses are using WordPress as their main CMS platform, I would like to begin our post with a product of our own, a product that will help you secure your WordPress installation like no other plugin would. vBSocial Monitoring is a plugin that will let you get notified of any, even the tiniest changes of content on your website. The best part, it will allow you to receive a text message when something does happen, so you can always be sure that you are secure and your business is safe. Get vBSocial Monitoring now! Here is an article we wrote on WordPress Security 2014.

Protect the Infrastructure

Begin by having a safe environment in which your server and other hosting related issues operate. It means that the hosting company you use, it should guarantee the state of the art security measures, and compensate if anything ever happens to your data.

Protect the Customer

Give your customers reassurance in case anything bad happens, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure your Terms of Service explains in great detail what security measures you have got put in place. Verify your business trough SSL services, use McAfee if needed to receive a ranking for your website.

Protect the Information

Lastly, protect the sensitive information. This means encrypting as much data as possible. So if worst comes to worst, the hackers wont be able to do much with the information anyway, even if they manage to get inside the database. Unlike Target, who clearly had all their credit card details unencrypted…

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  1. barryherne says:

    So , in fact you need to protect everything that you . Then having a monitoring solution for the entire IT system is the only way out. I agree with you. Although my company has not been hacked yet and we have never had any problems with the data, we have installed the monitoring solution Anturis for the company. At the moment we just feel prepared and safe at the same time.

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