3 Tips to Reduce Website Downtime to Bare Minimum

Having your website go down is one of the biggest pains for the webmasters that we are. It’s utterly painful to have to find a solution as to why your website decided to pull the plug on itself. It is of course, unavoidable thing of the nature – to experience downtime at occasions, but that is not the point. We are looking to reduce our server downtime to the bare minimum.

For big websites like Google or Amazon, even a 5 minute downtime can mean a loss of a million dollars. That is how important it is to have your website performing at optimal performance while also costing you the same price.

One of the most common know reasons for websites disappearing out of nowhere is because of security reasons, a hacker hacks your site, boom! Now you have to spend at least 2 days restoring everything and getting things back to where they were. vBSocial knows this, and is proud to offer a product that no other product in the market stands close to. I am of course talking about the amazing vBSocial Monitoring plugin for WordPress powered websites. It’s one of a kind, and the amount of variety of options it offers – you wont find a deal like that anywhere else.

3 Tips to Reduce Website Downtime to Bare Minimum

Let’s get straight into our list.


Quite often the reason for a server crashing and going offline is because we are serving too many files, to too many people at the same time. Large files require more server resources and result in higher memory usage. For small websites, the memory allocated isn’t all that great and it’s easy to crash a server without really knowing it was coming.

I suggest using compression methods to compress the files server to the user, and in turn reduce the amount of resources used.

Monitoring Services

Like our WordPress security plugin, monitoring services can help you become aware of any changes happening to your website at a moments notice. Such services will notify you when server starts to lag and go offline, while also telling you what is the reason for it acting up.

Backup Plan

Always be prepared to think fast and act even faster. Meaning that you should always have backups in place in case worst comes to worst. This includes having to move servers because you are not satisfied with your current hosting company.

These things happen, and are bound to happen. Simply solve the issue and move on, don’t get too frustrated and everything will be fine 🙂

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