vBulletin Plugins

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vBSocial LifeStream
Combine all social feeds and RSS feeds into one widget.
Header and Footer
Keep all your header and footer scripts like Google Analytics in one place.
vBSocial Slider
Powerful visual Slider similar to Yahoo.com's, that will keep visitors wanting to come back for more. Can use RSS, Forums, or CMS to pull data.
vBSocial View
Ever have a 30 page thread? Know who's still involved in the conversation. This plugin will show who viewed your post per post.
vBulletin Social Network
Our Flagship Plugin! The #1 Notification Modification for vBulletin that will drive activity up, and improve user navigation.
vBSocial SEO Links
A small, but smart plugin, that adds related links to each post making all your content more relevant and connected.
Sidekick Slider
A powerful, New York Times-like modification for vBulletin 4
Sync vBulletin to Facebook Groups
Spoil your VIP’s with another exclusive benefit! Or give your moderators, supergroups a communication channel connected to Facebook.
Easy Registration
Significantly increase your registration conversion rate with this elegant call-out.

Wordpress Plugins

Build a Social Network on top of Wordpress or BuddyPress. View more Wordpress Plugins

vBSocial Scheduler
Mass schedule images and posts to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
vBSocial Gallery
The most powerful gallery for Wordpress.
Wordpress Social Network
The #1 Wordpress Plugin that drives activity, registrations and users up. Wordpress is a blogging platform by Automattic.
bbPress Social Network
The #1 bbPress Plugin that drives activity, registrations and users up. bbPress is a forum platform by Automattic.
On-Site Services
Pay by the hour, quick and easy.
vBSocial Monitoring
Get email alerts in real time when files are added, modified, or deleted on your server.
BuddyPress Social Network
The #1 BuddyPress Plugin that drives activity, registrations and users up. BuddyPress is a forum platform by Automattic
Wordpress vBulletin Bridge
The best bridge for vBulletin and Wordpress. Connect user accounts, and more.
Wordpress Sidebar
Real-Time Sitewide Activity in a Global Sidebar inspired by Facebook, for Wordpress.